Fuel Station Revamps & Maintenance

Fuel stations require continuous maintenance to ensure industry, health, safety, and quality standards are met.
These services include revamps, general maintenance, signage and electrical installations and maintenance

MK Projects has been a providing Fuel Stations with a range of services since 2007. Our services include: General Maintenance (Painting, Tiling, Wood work, Electrical, Ceiling & partitioning, Welding, Paving, Waterproofing, and Plumbing), Fuel station revamps, and Fuel station signage upgrades and installations. Our structural and general maintenance teams are provisioned to undertake a variety of work for the benefit of our clients. We have ongoing painting contracts with numerous clients, which include the painting of parking bays, canopy fascia and pylons. We also do building, refurbishments of pylons, canopy fascia and all signage.

MK Projects offers a Quality Project Management services to the Petroleum Sector.

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